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Washington Redskins Draft Picks: Team Owns 10 Picks On Day 3

The Washington Redskins own 10 draft picks on Day 3 of the 2011 NFL Draft. This seems completely improbable, given the team's normal disinclination to the late round of the draft, but it's the case this year after a series of trades made on Day 2. To review, here are they:

-Redskins trade the No. 49 pick to the Colts for the No. 53 pick and a fifth-round pick.

-Redskins trade the No. 53 pick to the Bears for the No. 62 pick and a fourth-round pick.

-Redskins trade the No. 62 pick to the Dolphins for a third-, fifth- and seventh-round pick.

The Redskins have used the No. 16 pick on Ryan Kerrigan, the No. 41 pick on Jarvis Jenkins and the No. 79 pick on Leonard Hankerson. They now own 10 picks on Day 3. Here they are.

Fourth Round, No. 127 (from Chicago)

Fifth Round, No. 144

Ffith Round, No. 146 (from Miami)

Fifth Round, No. 152 (from Indianapolis)

Fifth Round, No. 155 (from New Orleans)

Sixth Round, No. 177

Seventh Round, No. 213

Seventh Round, No. 217 (from Miami)

Seventh Round, No. 224 (from Indianapolis)

Seventh Round, No. 253