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2011 NFL Draft Results: Redskins Trade Up With Texans, Select Running Back Roy Helu

The Redskins have traded up in the fourth round to select Nebraska running back Roy Helu. Washington made the trade with the Houston Texans, sending two of their fifth round picks (144 and 157) and received the 105th and 178th selections in the draft.

Mike Shanahan knows his running backs, and if he trades up to get a player, that probably means that running back is pretty darn good. Helu is the type of running back that, although not as physical, still seems to fit the classic Mike Shanahan one-cut-and-go type back. 

The Redskins certainly needed help at running back, hoping to find a compliment to bruiser Ryan Torain. Now they have found their man, and if history is any indication, Helu will likely succeed in here in Washington.

The Redskins still have eight picks left in the draft, so there's still a long way to go before this day is done.