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Philadelphia Eagles Continue Donovan McNabb Trade By Drafting Clay Matthews' Brother

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With the 116th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Casey Matthews, a linebacker from Oregon. Matthews, of course, is the brother of Green Bay Packers star linebacker Clay Matthews. But this is significant because this was the second pick the Eagles received from the Redskins in exchange for Donovan McNabb.

The McNabb trade forced the Redskins to cough up a 2010 second-round pick and a 2011 fourth-round pick. The Eagles selected safety Nate Allen with the 2010 pick, and he went on to have a very good rookie season before getting hurt. Philadelphia then made a trade with the Buccaneers with the 2011 fourth-round pick, moving down from No. 104 to No. 116, selecting Casey Matthews and picking up a fourth-round pick in the 2012 draft.

Therefore, here's how you can score the McNabb trade.

REDSKINS GET: 13 games of McNabb, a year of heartache, a massive quarterback/coach controversy, a phantom contract extension.

EAGLES GET: Nate Allen, Casey Matthews, an unknown prospect in the 2012 draft, success.

I know this has been a very good weekend for the Redskins, but this is a reminder of some bad decisions the team is still paying for making.