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Roy Helu Drafted By Redskins: How The Nebraska RB Fits Into Offense

With the selection of Roy Helu, Mike Shanahan will hope he struck gold yet again the running back position. He'll certainly need to ,as the team certainly needed to bolster its running back stable.

The 2010 Redskins rushing attacked was up and down, at best. Veterans Clinton Poris, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker did not pan out whatsover, either being cut or suffering season ending injuries. Ryan Torain showed plenty of ability when he got his chance to run the ball, but the over arching concern with Torain has been his health. He runs really hard, but can't stay on the field.

Add that to the fact that the Redskins are in need of a change of pace back, and Helu could fit in nicely. Assuming Torain can stay healthy for most of the season, Torain and Helu could really present a legitimate threat in the running back. Both excel in Mike Shanahan's zone running scheme and could be somewhat of a "thunder and lightning" combination in the Redskins backfield.