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Redskins Don't Pick QB In 2011 NFL Draft, So Is John Beck The Starter?

After it became evident earlier Saturrday that the Redskins were not going to draft a quarterback, people began wondering if the answer to the Redskins quarterback situation could be already on the roster.  

Nobody has to be more pleased with the Redskins draft than John Beck. He is the only quarterback under contract and the thought is he could be in the mix for a starting position, according to, via ESPN:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Redskins are “big believers” in Beck, and that signs point towards him possibly starting for the team next year.  The team reportedly never seriously considered a first-round QB, and never were going to trade up for one.  They reportedly thought Beck gives them a better chance to win.

While that outcome seemed shocking just two days ago, the reality of the Redskins situation has sunk in and perhaps Beck could really get a shot at being the starter.

But we really won't know the Redskins true quarterback plan until the lockout is lifted.