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2011 NFL Draft Results: Washington Redskins Select Chris Neild At No. 253

With the 253rd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select Chris Neild, a nose tackle from West Virginia. Neild is the 12th and final player the team selected in the draft, and is the third defensive lineman to go along with first-round pick Ryan Kerrigan and second-round pick Jarvis Jenkins.

Neild is a 6'2'', 319-pound interior lineman that isn't really much of a pass rusher. He had just five sacks in his four-year career at West Virginia, and forced only one fumble. But he is the kind of guy that can occupy multiple blockers and help out in the run game, something any 3-4 defensive team desperately needs. Neild probably isn't going to be good enough to take over the starting spot, of course, but he could be very helpful in certain situations for Jim Haslett's defense.

Neild concludes a busy three days for the Redskins, where they made several trades down to go from eight to 12 picks.