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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Has the Redskins Going Offense In Latest Mock

We just talked about Mel Kiper's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, so now let's turn our attention to his foil at ESPN Todd McShay, who also just released his latest Mock this afternoon. His version looks pretty different from Kiper's which I think reminds all of us how much of a guessing game this whole thing really is. He goes three rounds, but since the Redskins only have picks in the first two, we'll focus our attention there.

In the first round, he has the Redskins taking Julio Jones of Alabama, who is a pretty popular pick for them around the Internet. Here is his rationale.

Jones is worth the pick despite recent surgery to repair a fracture in his foot, and in addition to his pass catching ability he is a perfect fit in an offensive system that requires its receivers to play big roles as blockers in the running game. The Redskins also need major help along the defensive front seven and could trade back in order to get more picks with which to address that need, but if they stay put here Jones makes the most sense.

I think the trading back option might be the most intriguing. The St. Louis Rams would be an interesting trade partner because they need receivers and would love to get their hands on Jones. If the Redskins trade back to 14th, they would still be able to get an impact player like Corey Liuget of Illinois, Mike Pouncey or J.J. Watt (at least in this mock), in addition to the extra picks they would receive from trading back. 

In the second round, he has the Redskins taking Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick. I'm a little worried that Kaepernick would be a bit of a reach that early in the draft, but there are already six other WB's off the board by the time the Redskins pick in the second round. If it comes down to taking the seventh best QB in the draft or another player at a different position of need, I hope the Redskins don't stay committed to taking a QB just for the sake of taking one.