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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Evan Silva Very High On Redskins' Draft

The Redskins' P.R. department should cut Evan Silva of Rotoworld a check after seeing his NFL Draft grades for Washington's performance. Silva rewarded Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan with an "A-" for effort, offering up this assessment of their work over the last 72 hours:

Overview: The name of the game for Washington was trading down to recoup picks lost during the forgettable Vinny Cerrato era. But it's not like the Redskins didn't come away with good players. Entering the draft with the NFL's worst-looking roster, the Skins emerged with upwards of seven rookie-year starters. That's exactly the kind of rebuilding movement Washington needs to undergo. Kerrigan, Hankerson, and Helu were extremely productive per-play collegiates. In the late rounds, White and Neild stand out as rock-solid picks. The only reason Mike Shanahan's club doesn't get a full "A" is because it didn't pick up a quarterback.

This is the kind of draft grade Redskins fans like to see: an acknowledgement of proper draft strategy AND the recognition that many of these picks should be solid NFL contributors, and soon. I think saying SEVEN rookie starters is pushing it a bit, but I certainly do agree with Silva's opinion of Hankerson and Helu Jr. being contributors at the next level after solid college careers. Of course, the quarterback issue had to be mentioned, but at least Silva seems to recognize it isn't necessarily the "sky is falling" situation that many other media members have made it out to be.