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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Mark Maske Critical Of Redskins Passing On Blaine Gabbert

Mark Maske of the Washington Post has weighed in on the 2011 NFL Draft in totality, giving all 32 teams a letter grade. The hometown Washington Redskins received a a "C". Maske's thoughts:

There's nothing exactly wrong with the Redskins trading down to take LB Ryan Kerrigan in the first round. He fits into the defense well. But it's a QB-centric league and the Redskins passed on their chance to take Gabbert when he dropped to them at 10th. They'd better be right.

This whole "not drafting a quarterback" thing is either going to prove Mike Shanahan a genius or overshadow the entire 2011 Washington draft for years to come. Even if Bruce Allen and Shanahan end up unearthing several gems in the later rounds, such as a Roy Helu Jr. or a Markus White, their choice to eschew quarterback in the selection process might be all that's talked about in the future.

By the way, the only two teams receiving a lower grade than the Redskins on Maske's board? Division rival Philadelphia and Pete Carroll's Seahawks (both a "C-").