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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Don Banks Sees No 'Slam Dunk' Rookies In Redskins' Class

By now, these NFL Draft grades and reviews of the Washington Redskins 2011 NFL Draft selections are all starting to sound quite a bit alike:

-Back-handed compliment to Skins for finally getting a draft right, trading down and acquiring more picks.

-Question why one of these picks wasn't a QB.

-Perhaps throw in praise for a middle-to-late round pick.

-Rinse, lather, repeat.

It appears's Don Banks got the memo:

I give the Redskins plenty of credit for moving around the board with trades and playing the draft game well, amassing what turned out to be a haul of 12 picks over the past three days -- their highest amount in almost 30 years. The Washington roster desperately needed a healthy infusion of youth and had needs everywhere, so it was the right call for the Redskins to go for quantity. But I don't see any slam-dunk impact rookies in Washington's draft, and the starting quarterback position remains a mystery of sorts. Donovan McNabb will be headed somewhere at some point, Rex Grossman is a free agent, and that leaves the unproven John Beck as the heir apparent. Redskins fans going to be OK with that? I don't think so.

I do see some accolades in here for the Skins adding youth and depth, two areas of serious need in Redskins Park. The QB question will dominate Redskins story lines for weeks (and possibly) months to come, especially if Mike Shanahan insists (whether truthfully or not) that John Beck is his starting quarterback when next season begins.