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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Redskins Listed As Drafting Three 'Steals'

At least one scribe thinks quite highly of some of the Washington Redskins' later selections in the 2011 NFL Draft. Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Insider, writing for, singles out three players that might prove to be "Steals" for the Skins in the years to come in his NFL Draft grades feature:

Leonard Hankerson/WR/Washington/Round 3/No. 79: Hankerson's inconsistency and untimely drops pushed him into the third round, yet he possesses the physical skills to be a productive second wide out on the NFL level. He will immediately help the receiver needy Redskins.

Roy Helu/RB/Washington/Round 4/No. 105: Helu was the second skill player the Redskins chose in round four. He's a triple threat running back who will compete for the starting position.

Chris Neild/NT/Washington/Round 7/No. 253: The fact Neild was the second-to-last player selected is mind-blowing. He's a 320-pound slugger who brings his lunch pail to work every day and is a prospect coaches will love. Don't be surprised if he's starting by the end of his rookie season.

It is no secret that Mike Shanahan has had great success when drafting running backs in the mid-to-late rounds of a draft, and the thought here is a one-cut runner like Helu is absolutely perfect for what Shanahan wants to do and that will translate immediately on the field. Hankerson is a freak, and already jumps way up the woeful Redskins' receiving depth chart (now just hold on to the ball Leonard). And I love the choice of Neild - he seems like the anti-Albert Haynesworth, which is just what the doctor ordered for this team. More Neilds, less Fat Alberts.