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2012 NFL Mock Draft Has Redskins Taking QB Matt Barkley

The 2011 NFL Draft just ended, which means it's time to look ahead to next year. Given the way the draft has become a year-round thing, it's never too early to consider a 2012 NFL Mock Draft. Right?

The answer is yes, especially if you're already reading this page. So who are the Redskins currently projected to take in a 2012 Mock Draft. Brian Galliford and Andy Hutchins of put together one on Saturday night, and they project the Redskins to have the third-worst record in the NFL. They also project the Redskins to do what they didn't do this year: select a quarterback in the first round. That quarterback is USC's Matt Barkley.

3. Washington Redskins: Matt Barkley, QB, USC. During ESPN's draft telecast this weekend, John Beck's name was floated as a possible starter. So yeah, the Redskins are taking a quarterback early next year.    

Only San Francisco and Carolina are projected to have worse records than the Redskins. So yeah, let's prove them wrong, everyone!