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Pat Devlin, Noel Devine And Other Undrafted Free Agent Signings Redskins Should Consider

When the 2011 NFL Draft concluded last evening, 254 collegiate players heard their names called. But what about those that were overlooked, perhaps unjustly? In years past these undrafted free agents would be quickly gobbled up by teams in the minutes and hours after the draft's conclusion, but in this bizarro NFL lockout world, no player signings are allowed to occur until ownership and the players kiss and make up. While the two sides toy with fans' emotions, let's take a look at a few undrafted free agents that just might look good in a Redskins uniform.

Pat Devlin, quarterback, Delaware: Since everyone and their mother is talking about how the Redskins made a big mistake not taking a quarterback in the draft, it couldn't hurt to give the 6'3, 225 pound QB from Delaware a shot in camp, right? The last signal caller that came from the Blue Hens has done OK for himself in Baltimore.

Noel Devine, running back, West Virginia: For pure entertainment value, I wouldn't mind checking out Noel Devine in burgundy and gold. Who knows, maybe he has a little Darren Sproles in him. Certainly worth a shot.

Kendric Burney, cornerback, North Carolina: I'm actually pretty surprised no one took a shot at Burney during the seven-round draft. A poor combine performance hurt Burney, who might actually be a good fit as a reserve safety for the Skins.

Ian Williams, defensive tackle, Notre Dame: At no point will I criticize the Redskins for added MORE beef to that defensive line, and being a Golden Dome Homer, I saw Williams play enough last season to think he can produce at the next level.

Mark Herzlich, line backer, Boston College: If you want the ultimate inspirational signing, look no further than Herzlich, who overcame cancer to take the football field again for BC. If you think he was determined to to prove people wrong and return to play in college, I would think he will now be even more determined to show people he can play at the next level after going undrafted.

Chas Henry, punter, Florida: Just kidding. But it would be fun to add a punter who could double as the bad guy in an 80s John Cusack movie. "Chas challenged me to ski the K12."