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Albert Haynesworth Enters Not Guilty Plea On Sexual Abuse Charge

Albert Haynesworth has entered a not guilty plea on charges of sexual abuse stemming from a Feb. 12 incident in which he allegedly assaulted a waitress at the POV lounge at the top of the W Hotel in downtown D.C.. According to Keith L. Alexander of the Washington Post, Haynesworth and his attorneys even rejected a reduced charge, that would have come with a much smaller sentence.

The plea, entered by his attorney A. Scott Bolden in D.C. Superior Court, was expected. Prosecutors had offered to dismiss the sexual abuse charge if Haynesworth would plead guilty to simple assault, but Bolden rejected the deal, saying his client was innocent.

Haynesworth is still having a fair share of issues in the Redskins organization as well, and we don't really know what his future with Washington is. But I'm sure that this latest issue does not make him a more attractive option for an organization that is trying to put an emphasis on character.