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Dexter Manley Wants To Talk To Albert Haynesworth, And More

Washington Redskins great Dexter Manley had a reputation for being a bit difficult to coach during his NFL career, even though he was one of the league's most feared defensive players. Now, Dexter Manley has a reputation for being really, really awesome. So it made me happy to hear that he wants to talk to Albert Haynesworth to essentially knock some sense into him.

Here's what Manley told Redskins Blog intern Brian Tinsman after Manley spoke at a community event earlier Friday.

"I wanna talk to him," Manley said, as soon as Haynesworth's name was mentioned.

"First of all," Manley continued, "he has to surrender his ego and allow somebody to let him know the pros and cons. Because what he's doing -- it won't be long."    

Personally, I want to see Manley kick Haynesworth's ass and then send him on his way, but I guess a pep talk works too. 

UPDATE: Manley also says the Redskins shouldn't have signed Donovan McNabb and had some awesome comments on Bernard Hopkins, who of course said some ridiculous things about McNabb earlier this week.

Manley was asked what he thought of Hopkins' comments about McNabb, and he replied, "He's punch drunk. He's like 40 years old thinking he's still 20 and wants to box. Sooner or later, you have to find something else to do."