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Is Donovan McNabb's Career Over? One Writer Speculates It Might Be

The Redskins are expected to move Donovan McNabb whenever the lockout is lifted and player movement is once again permitted. But his play last year raises the question, does he have enough in the tank for another team to take that risk? Geoff Mosher of Delaware Online thinks his career might just be over.

In the past, McNabb's superstar status could overshadow the clouds of controversy that thickened around him. He had the protective shell of Reid and his friends at the NovaCare Complex to make the mess go away.But he's no longer afforded that shield, not with a coaching staff that can't wait to get rid of him when he can't be considered the missing piece that transforms an average team into a Super Bowl contender.

McNabb didn't like the kind of player who could be a serious upgrade over any player that he would be replacing. And if a team has to give up some parts to acquire him, you have to wonder if they feel it will be worth it. They might have been able to get a draft pick for him had trades been allowed at the draft, but that ship has sailed. Now the Redskins are left with a little bit of a problem on their hands.