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Washington Redskins To Hold Another Three-Day Players-Only Workout, According To Report

With the NFL lockout back in effect, the Washington Redskins will once again have to find a creative way to make sure they are ready to go if and when it is lifted. A month ago, 30 or so players gathered for several days of informal workouts. It looks like they will do so again. 

According to Brett Haber of CBS, the Redskins will have a three-day players-only workout starting next Tuesday. It's still unclear who will participate, where the workout will take place and whether media and fans will be invited (the answer to the latter is, probably not). All we know at this point is that there will be a second batch of player workouts.

It also remains to be seen whether more or less people show up this time around. The Redskins got pretty good attendance last time, but they will be striving for even more.

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