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Carlos Rogers Wants To Play Against Redskins Twice A Year

Carlos Rogers is a free agent that is absolutely going to be with another team last year. We knew this coming into this day, and we still know it now. And yet, people are getting outraged that Rogers is playing his classic "the Redskins never wanted me" game like he's been playing for the past two years.

The only difference this time is that Rogers explicitly said this time that he wants to play against the Redskins. Here's what he told David Elfin (emphasis mine).

"My agent's real confident that I'm going to get a good contract. After [Oakland's Nnamdi Asomugha], who's going to get real big money, I'm the next corner out there. You hear that the Cowboys and Eagles are looking for a corner. It would be fun to play against the Redskins twice a year."    

So now everyone is angry and wants their revenge on a guy who is a free agent, has shown no interest in returning and is known to harbor a bit of resentment towards the organization, fair or unfair. I get it: football is a game, we love our Redskins and we don't like people who say mean things about them. But I'm having trouble getting outraged here.

(HT: Hogs Haven)