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John Beck May Be Washington Redskins' Starting QB, But He's Not Taking Them To Playoffs

Some Redskins fans are crazy for John Beck, but why is he really going to be the Redskins' quarterback next year?

John Beck. Seems like a hell of a dude. Great interview. Great talker. Might as well be talking about Rowdy Roddy Piper. The problem is, he has about as much business starting at quarterback for the Redskins next year as John Beck does.  

When you work in sports talk radio, you have to resign yourself to the fact that lots of the sports fans that call in are not objective. Whatever their team does will be defended, no matter how ludicrous it may be. Nine times out of 10, I am proud of my fellow Redskins fans for suffering through this losing spell that has plagued the franchise. I admire their optimism and celebrate their loyalty. In an era where most people seem to just pick whomever won the last Super Bowl and root for them, thousands of Redskins fans stay true to the team in the face of the adversity. That doesn't mean they are always correct in their beliefs.

I understand that Mike Shanahan is doing everything he can to sell this glacier to us eskimos. He is STEAMED UP for John Beck. He sees something that no one else seems to. Case in point: 

Shanahan's post-draft news conference was practically a coronation of Beck, who hasn't played in a regular season game in four years.

"When John Beck did come out, I had him as the top-ranked quarterback coming out that year," Shanahan said. "I didn't think it was close, so I've got a lot of confidence in John Beck."

Shanahan, though, said Beck is "everything you look for in a quarterback," from work ethic to foot speed.

"He has not disappointed me since he's been here," Shanahan said.

Hmm. Well that's great, Shannerpus. Wonderful. I believe that you love him. The problem is that the numbers are saying the exact opposite thing that you are. My pal Brian Murphy over on the always entertaining Homer McFanboy pulled up the less-than-Montana-like numbers on D.C.'s newest prodigal son:

In fact, if you add up Beck's numbers for the three preseason games (with the redskins) he completed 20 of 39 passes for 235 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. That's good enough to earn a 59.2 quarterback rating, although a 59.2 and the word "good" should never appear in the same sentence.    

Look at his career numbers - 60 completions in 107 attempts for 559 yards with one touchdown, three interceptions and five fumbles. That's good enough for a QB rating of 62.0.

This seems pretty obvious to me. Beck seems like a great guy. I like him. I'd have a beer or 10 with the guy if he wanted. In no way does that translate to the ability to lead one of the most prestigious franchises in NFL history onto the field every week.  

If I understand that, why doesn't Shanahan? Furthermore, If I understand that, why are so many of my fellow Redskins fans buying into this hot mess?

The only thing I can think of is desperation. How many quarterbacks have come here and come up short? Veterans, first round picks, late-round picks, journeymen and pro-bowlers have all come here and fail. Sometimes, epically in the case of Donovan McNabb.  

Look, I get it. There is no consistency in the most important areas of an offense. The line and the scheme for the Redskins is constantly in flux. That directly effects the field general. None of that changes the fact that more venerable players than John Beck have tried their hand in FedEx Field and come away with nothing. The result of which is desperation in the fan base. McNabb is on the first bus out of town. Rex Grossman has shown the NFL the limit of his ability, and it's not enough. We know less about Beck. So does that gives us an excuse to expect more? I'm not buying it.

The boys over at Hogs Haven don't pull any punches. They floated a theory out there and it seems to be the only thing that makes sense. They coined it the "Andrew Luck in 2012 plan."

With every snap John Beck takes in 2011, the prospect of Andrew Luck in 2012 becomes more real. With every missed block by our patchwork offensive line in 2011, we take one step closer to the "Andrew Luck Era" that would hopefully also include a high second round offensive tackle selection.    

Not only is this the only thing that makes sense, I endorse it 100 percent.  Mention the word "tanking" on the air in Washington D.C., and you're likely to catch some choice words out at the bar that weekend. I don't think that's what this is. I think it's a rebuild. A multiyear plan.

Mike Shanahan can't come out and announce they are going to win four games. What he can do is laud Beck copiously in front of all of us so he doesn't have to go spend money on a real quarterback. A real quarterback that would most likely get beaten to a pulp behind a horrendous offensive line. A line which has added only one new player during the course of the NFL draft. We must not kid ourselves, my fellow Redskins faithful.

John Beck will be the quarterback. Not because he should be, but because he is cheap and less offensive than Rex Grossman. He will take a beating the likes of which we haven't seen since ... well, since Jason Campbell. The Redskins will then go into next years draft and grab two high-level offensive players with their first two picks. The exact opposite of what they did this year. They will do this and it's the right thing to do.  

What we must to is not kid ourselves. John Beck is not taking us anywhere. Well, that's not fair. He's taking us into the Andrew Luck era of Washington football, and for that, we should be grateful. Not delusional.