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Vinny Cerrato Confirms He Nearly Traded Two First-Round Picks For Chad Ochocinco

Hey, Redskins fans, whenever you are upset with Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen, always remember that it could be a lot worse. Always remember that Vinny Cerrato could be in charge. The former Redskins' general manager has recently confirmed rumors that, yes, he did almost trade two first-round picks in 2008 to try to land Chad Ochocinco. Not one first-round pick. Two first-round picks. Somehow, the Bengals rejected the trade.

Dan Steinberg transcribed two recent radio appearances in which Cerrato talked extensively about the trade that never happened. Both were in the context of Bengals owner Mike Brown driving a hard bargain for Carson Palmer, but both ended up going back to Cerrato talking about the non-trade.

From his one in April:

"I mean, I was part of trying to trade for Chad Ochocinco, and when they said no, they meant no. And Marvin [Lewis] would have done it. Two No. 1s, that's exactly what it was. And I talked to Katie Blackburn's husband all the time, and he just said listen. I talked to him at the owners' meetings, and I called him. He said no is no, quit calling, we're not trading him....

"Drew [Rosenhaus] was pushing it hard, Chad was pushing it hard, and you know what, I think it worked out best for the Redskins that it didn't happen at the time. I think we ended up with Orapko [sic] and somebody else, so I think that worked out well, and Chad has declined quickly."

Um, yeah, that did work out well, but not because of you. Instead, it was because someone just so happened to be more incompetent than you. Cerrato then confirmed that he had discussions with Brown in another appearance this month.

"Oh trust me, I know that for a fact," Cerrato said. "I've been there and done that, tried that."    

Imagine how much the Redskins' roster is in shambles now. Then, imagine how much it would be with Chad Ochocinco and no Brian Orakpo. Like I said, count your blessings.