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Albert Haynesworth's Simple Assault Court Date Postponed To May 31

Albert Haynesworth simple assault court date, originally scheduled for Thursday, has been pushed back to May 31, according to the Washington Post. Haynesworth's attorney told a Fairfax County judge that he had hoped to reach an "accord and satisfaction" by the new court date. It is not clear what that would entail.

Haynesworth is in court for an alleged incident in February in which he hit a man in the face in Reston after a road rage incident. Haynesworth is also facing a misdemeanor sexual abuse charge for an incident in which he allegedly fondled a cocktail waitresses' breasts in February. Prosecutors had proposed that they would drop the sexual abuse charge if Haynesworth pled guilty to the simple assault road rage charge, but Haynesworth refused, so both charges will push on.

Haynesworth was reportedly not in the Fairfax County General District Court house on Thursday. The victim was, but he declined to comment.