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Albert Haynesworth's Simple Assault Hearing Postponement Could Lead To Out Of Court Settlement

The decision to postpone Albert Haynesworth's court hearing for a simple assault charge stemming from an alleged road rage incident was likely done in order to give Haynesworth's camp a chance to settle with the victim out of court. The case was originally supposed to be heard on Thursday, but it was postponed to Tuesday, May 31.

Via an AP report:

A judge on Thursday postponed Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth's road-rage assault trial to give Haynesworth an opportunity to settle the matter with the alleged victim.

A Fairfax County prosecutor said at Thursday's hearing that Haynesworth is pursuing an "accord and satisfaction" agreement with the alleged victim. In misdemeanor cases, a judge can dismiss assault charges when the victim acknowledges that he has received satisfaction for any injuries, usually in the form of a financial settlement.

Haynesworth's lawyer previously would not specifywhat specifically entailed "accord and satisfaction." Haynesworth is still scheduled to appear in court in July to address charges of misdemeanor sexual abuse stemming from an incident in which he allegedly fondled a cocktail waitresses' breasts.