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John Beck Speaks After Last Washington Redskins' Players-Only Workout

On a hot, steamy day somwhere in the area, the Redskins completed their final player-held workout of the week. The team felt that, while not under ideal conditions, they still got a good deal accomplished in this round of workouts.

Much has been made of the team's so called 'QB controversy' between Rex Grossman and John Beck this offseason. Both took equal snaps today at QB, with things still being unclear at that position. Neither QB flashed in these workouts, as it's hard to judge performance in these practice conditions.

Afterward, Beck spoke to the media, sharing his thoughts on how the week went for him and the offense:

"[It went ] pretty good." Beck said.  "I feel like we were able to get back out together and start getting on the same page a little bit more.  [The team] Started talking through plays, that's a really big thing because when you're in meetings and in practice, you're speaking this language of football with each other."

Beck also noted that even though the team isn't around the coaching staff and can't critique themselves as usual, it's still very important that they were able to get together gain some form of chemistry.

"When we're all in different states, working out with different players, we're keeping our skills up but we're not being together talking that language with each other. [....] We all have to be a unit on offense. The quarterback, the line, the backs, the wideouts, we all have to be working as one. And if we're not, we're not going to be our best. "

And should the lockout continue, it seems Beck and the rest of the team are more inclined to do another one of these workouts in June.

"Yeah [we'd workout again in June] ." Beck said, "Most definitely."