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Washington Redskins May Practice Again Next Month If Lockout Continues

With the June 3rd hearing between the NFL and NFLPA, players and owners may soon get a sense as to when the labor uncertainty could come to an end. Should a decision be reached soon after the June 3rd date that is in favor of the players, the lockout could be lifted shortly thereafter.

But if the owners win the next round of litigation, the lockout could continue well into the summer. At that point, the season starting on time could be in jeopardy.

If that's the case, the Redskins are expected to hold another players-only workout at another undisclosed location.

QB John Beck was asked after practice if the team would likely practice again sometime next month if the lockout would linger into June.

"Yeah, most definitely," Beck said, "It would be ideal if this lockout would end, but nobody knows. If nothing happens, then we're obviously going to be back out here"