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John Beck Impressed With Leonard Hankerson At Washington Redskins' Workout

During the John Beck media blitz of a week ago, it was mentioned that QB John Beck had worked out with Redskins third round pick Leonard Hankerson in San Diego. The two met together briefly to begin discussing some of the offense's ins and outs last week.

This week, the two got to continue building on the chemistry they had started last week when the team met for player-organized workouts. After today's practice, Beck and Hankerson took extra time to continue working on routes and their overall timing together.

"[Hankerson's] been the guy that every single day has stuck out with me afterward," Beck said.

After spending time together the last two weeks, the Redskins potential starting QB came away very impressed by the former Miami star.

 "Not only is he a good player, not only is he the guy that set the touchdown record at Miami, [perhaps] he could be a guy that doesn't always stay after [practice]. But [instead] he chooses to be the guy that stays after, and that's awesome."

Time will tell if this duo will be able to connect in actual NFL games, but if there is to be a Beck-to-Hankerson connection in 2011, this isn't a bad way to start their relationship.