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Dan Snyder Discusses Washington City Paper Lawsuit, Says Dave McKenna Has 'Obsession' With Him

Dan Snyder made big news when he granted two sitdown interviews, one with Dave Feldman of FOX 5 and one with Dan Hellie and Lindsay Czarniak of NBC. During both interviews, the topic of his lawsuit against Dave McKenna and the Washington City Paper came up, and in both instances, Snyder was unafraid to speak his mind.

"I think the person that writes there has an obsession, some sort of issue, and needs to get over it and grow up," Snyder said to NBC, in the video above. 

Snyder later told NBC that he expects a lot of flack for his decision to sue, but that comes with the territory when you do something unpopular that you believe is right.

In his interview with Feldman, Snyder expressed surprise that people in journalism sided against him in the lawsuit.

"You guys are here and you live there and you understand it. That's the relationship we have with most of the media," Snyder said, referring to Feldman. "But then you have what I'll call the tabloid journalists that made your profession look poor. If anything, the surprise to me about that lawsuit is you had legitimate journalists taking sides with the tabloid journalists. I thought that was a little chintzy."

In both interviews, Snyder expressed confidence that he would win the case.

"I'm not really worried at all about it," he told Feldman. "It'll take it's process, and I believe we'll come out on top about it."