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Dan Snyder Says There's 'Potential' To Move Team Back Into Washington D.C.

The major topics discussed in Dan Snyder's two one-on-one interviews with FOX 5 and NBC were his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper and his admission that Jim Zorn and Vinny Cerrato were probably not the right people to run the Washington Redskins. Those looking for slightly different topics to discuss might be interested to know that Snyder didn't close the door on the Redskins potentially building a stadium in Washington D.C. and moving.

In his interview with FOX's Dave Feldman, Snyder was asked about potentially moving back downtown. Here's his answer:

"Sure, absolutely. We're open-minded to everything. We love it down there, and obviously we're the Washington Redskins. We've been here as Mr. Cooke put us here ... and we've tried to keep it as up as possible. But you never know ... It definitely has potential in the future."

So there you have it. Anyone hoping to see the Redskins move downtown now knows that Snyder isn't ruling it out.

Snyder also talked about a number of different topics with Feldman. He said he thinks the NFL lockout will end before the season, threw his support behind an 18-game season and said the players-only workouts this week "demonstrate leadership."

Feldman also asked him about his best moment during his 12-year run as the Redskins' owner, and Snyder immediately mentioned the 2005 season, where the Redskins went on a late run to make the playoffs, won a wild-card round game and lost in the divisional round to the Seattle Seahawks. Snyder said he really thought the team would win the Super Bowl that year. At least until he saw it raining in Seattle.

"We went out to Seattle, and I felt like if we get through Seattle, Joe [Gibbs] is not gonna lose the [NFC] championship, so we'd be OK," he said. "We were ahead, actually, I remember, and then it started raining. Something about Seattle and rain. Not very lucky out there."

Well, it rains a lot in Seattle, so maybe Snyder should have seen it coming.