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Leonard Hankerson Says He Was Best Wide Receiver In 2011 NFL Draft

Pretty much every fan of an NFL team wants their wide receivers to be exceedingly confident. Sometimes, that confidence can spill over into egoism, but by and large, fans accept that as a side effect of confidence. Luckily for Redskins fans, third-round pick Leonard Hankerson has no problems with confidence.

The new Redskins wide receiver joined "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday morning, and didn't mince words about how he felt about going 79th in the 2011 NFL Draft. He was asked if he was frustrated that he didn't get drafted higher, and his answer was very direct.

"Of course it does. Me as a player, I know I'm better than each one of those guys that were drafted before me."

The show's hosts followed up with him about that statement, to make sure he didn't get misrepresented. Hankerson responded as follows:

"Of course. I wouldn't say anything different. I think I'm the best receiver in the draft. Of course I do. I feel like I can make plays just like each and every other receivers do. I feel like I can block, run routes and go up and get the ball. I can make plays. I broke every single-season receiving record [at Miami] this year. I feel like I can do it all. I feel like I can be dependable. I feel like I can be someone the team can lean on to make plays for the team and do whatever it takes."

Hankerson even snickered at the Atlanta Falcons trading away several picks to draft fellow wide receiver Julio Jones ("yeah, I know. Right?) and pointed out once again that it was him who set all those Miami receiving records

"I set four different records this year with two different quarterbacks. It really doesn't matter about the quarterbacks. It really matters about you running to get open, you running your routes and you catching the ball."

But don't worry, everyone in the NFL. Hankerson is over his draft snub now and it ready to rock.

"There were a couple other teams that said [they wanted me], but hey it's over with. I'd rather not talk about it. I'm not worried about that anymore. I'm with the Washington Redskins and this is what it's all about now."

How can you not love this guy?