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Albert Haynesworth Settles With Victim In Simple Assault Case

Albert Haynesworth has reached a settlement with a Virginia man who brought a simple assault charge against him for an alleged road rage incident. Court records suggest the charge was dismissed Tuesday morning because of a Virginia law that allows the defendant to make "accord and satisfaction" with the victim. Both sides declined to provide details on the details of the settlement.

The case reached Virginia court after the man alleged Haynesworth stepped out of his car and struck him in the face in an alleged road rage incident in Virginia on February 4. It had been pushed back to Tuesday to give both sides a chance to reach a settlement. That happened, and in return, the defendant declined to press charges.

Haynesworth also pled not guilty to a charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse due to an alleged incident in which he fondled a cocktail waitresses' breasts. Prosecutors had offered a plea deal in which Haynesworth would plead guilty to the simple assault charge in return for having the sexual abuse charge dropped. Haynesworth refused.