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Vonnie Holiday Says Stuff We Hear About Albert Haynesworth Is Usually True

We hear a lot of bad things about Washington Redskins' defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, the latest of which came when defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said that Haynesworth "doesn't want to do anything." With so much noise out there, some of it is bound to be false, right?

Not according to Vonnie Holiday. Holiday was on Pickled Hogs Radio with Hogs Haven and Fat Pickled on Thursday, and he had this to say:

We all know what kind of guy Albert is. And problems that he's had with the Redskins. You know alot of stuff unfortunately that you hear is true, it is.     

Holiday went on to discuss the classic talking points about how Haynesworth is capable of dominating, but doesn't set his mind to it and gets distracted by off-field stuff. Holiday said all that finally got old over the course of the season.

You know as a player you don't want to get caught up a teammate, I could care less. Yeah, Monday through Friday when we are down on the field your talking to the media, your talking to the coaches, you are talking to the owner, yeah you know handle your business. Do your business, but when you go on the field I just need to know that I'm going to get your best effort. You are going to give me 100%. And I can depend on you and you are going to be accountable and I'm going to give the same - that's all I can ask. And that's been my only problem with Albert, cause that has not been the case.