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ESPN The Magazine Ranks Washington Redskins As Second-Worst Franchise In Sports

This is another banner day for the once-proud Burgundy and Gold. ESPN The Magazine came out Wednesday with their annual "Ultimate Standings," a list that ranks every NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB franchise from 1 to 122 based on how well they reward their fans' time, money and emotional investments in the team. 

The Redskins were ranked No. 121, ahead of only the Cincinnati Bengals. I guess the 'Skins fans who voted on the rankings weren't inspired by the Donovan McNabb/Albert Haynseworth eras. 

Sadly, the rankings paint an overall poor picture of every major DC sports team. The Capitals have the highest ranking of the four at No. 27, but that's 16 spots down from last year. Then, there's the Nationals at No. 78, and the Wizards at No. 110. (The Baltimore Orioles, on the other hand, checked in at No. 67, a shockingly middle-of-the-pack number for a team with 13 straight losing seasons to its name.)

Still, none of those teams could out-do the 'Skins, who, in restaurant terms, seem to always serve up turd sandwiches for the price of filet mignon. It appears their sub-par cooking skills have disillusioned one of America's most loyal fanbases.