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Washington Redskins Ask Fan To Participate In Players-Only Workouts

According to the Washington Post, when Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher needed an extra body to conduct a drill during a players-only workout, he asked for fans to participate. Twenty-eight-year-old Josh Richards, who was watching the practice from the bleachers, volunteered  to take part in a defensive drill. According to the Post, Richards, who played defensive back at Robinson High School, did well in the drill, catching all but one ball thrown at him.

Richards seemed pretty excited about it afterward.

"Growing up, the Redskins were my favorite team, so just to be out there with them was a lot of fun"

This is a nice, fun story to hear about, and it's sure to help win over the two or three people in the DC area who don't already love London Fletcher. I just wonder how thankful Richards would be if he had participated in a full-contact drill. If only...