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Washington Redskins Complete Third Round Of Players-Only Workouts

The Washington Redskins completed what they hope will be their final practice outside the confines of Redskins Park today when they conducted another players-only workout at an undisclosed location.

Today's workout was light in attendance: only 23 players participated, 24 if you include former Redskin and current Colt Justin Tryon. 

The limited number of participants really showed when John Beck was lining up at guard during drills where Rex Grossman was throwing passes, in addition to when defensive lineman Kedric Golston began lining up at corner on passing downs. Golston performance plenty of drew jokes and laughter from fellow teammates after each snap he took at corner.

After the workouts, numerous players expressed their optimism about there being a new labor agreement, giving them the chance to finally be able to work out and practice at Redskin Park once again.

"I'm hopeful that it is [the final players-only workout]." said defensive captain London Fletcher, one of the main figures organizing these workouts this offseason. "I hear that the two sides are talking and there's been some positive reports. I think it serves everybody well to have this lockout end. The sooner the better."

John Beck, perhaps the star of the entire lockout for the Redskins, expressed the same sentiments.

"I'm hearing the same things that you guys are probably reading", Beck said. "There's a chance that this could get taken care of in the next couple of weeks. "

Barring the unforeseen, it looks likes Beck will have a legitimate chance to compete for the starting quarterback position, even if they bring back Grossman.

“I’m very optimistic that something can get done." Beck said. "If it’s going to get done, I want to be [at Redskins Park] the day it gets done”

While these workouts have certainly shown that the team has no lack of camaraderie, these sessions were hardly similar to a team run practice. The players realize that, and know the best way to prepare for the season is to get back to the controlled environment they're used to, which can only be done once the labor strife is over.

So now, all these Redskins can do is wait along with the rest of the NFL players, hoping the two sides can finally come to an agreement which would signal a return to the jobs they sorely miss.