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VIDEO: Chris Cooley Plays Flag Football In Fairfax League


The NFL Lockout has caused many players to get creative with how they stay in shape, and for Chris Cooley, that means playing football with some common folk in the Fairfax Athletics Flag Football League. NBC Washington has uncovered some must-see video of one of Cooley's recent games, and you have to see it.

Cooley is showing off his complete game, running (in the clip above), rushing the passer and catching passes. He also wasn't just playing around. According to his opponent, he was trying.

"Cooley was pretty competitive throughout the game," said opposing player Dullah Nawroz.

"It was almost unfair to try and block him."

The play of the game, though, happened against Cooley. Steve Motyka, an opposing player, earned my admiration for actually outleaping Cooley to get an interception.

That's a story he'll be able to tell for years and years.