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Redskins To Sell Stadium Seats From FedEx Field Renovation

For those of you wondering what will happen to the some 6,000 seats being removed from FedEx Field during its most recent renovation, you now only have to wonder about 5,200 of those seats.

The Washington Redskins will sell off 800 stadium seats in pairs, priced at $250 per pair, starting July 22. The seats will be sold at FedEx Field, starting at 9 a.m.

Proceeds from the sale will to the Washington Redskins charitable foundation, which raises money with the hopes of making a positive impact on Washington-area youth and maybe, one day, paying off the rest of Albert Haynesworth’s contract. (Just kidding).

According to a press release from the Redskins, “Each pair of stadium seats includes the Washington Redskins logo on both sides and a specially-designed metal mounting kit that will allow the seats to be set up in homes, patios or gardens.”

To reserve a pair of your own, call the Redskins at 301-276-6063.