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Donovan McNabb Practices At Eagles' Players-Only Workout

The NFL Lockout can't halt Donovan McNabb news and rumors, it can only hope to contain them. The latest: McNabb reportedly practiced with the (NFC East rival) Eagles during a players-only workout with his former teammates. has details on the Wednesday workout:

Donovan McNabb was among the half-dozen or so Eagles practicing on the artificial turf field at the Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, N.J.

According to WPVI Executive Sports Producer Mark Meany, McNabb was in town for a charity event and decided to attend the workout. He would not comment about his current situation with the Redskins.

McNabb is currently under contract with the Redskins, but is not expected to be in the future plans of Washington. It's a little strange to see him working out with a division foe, but McNabb is far from the only player working out with a team other than his own this offseason.

Here's what McNabb told about the workout:

"I’m just focused on working out, it’s what I do in the off-season. So, working with a great group of guys. [The Power Train] guys did a wonderful job of preparing those guys. So, I was just looking forward to it.

"I’m just working out right now. As you can see, I’m in some great shape and I’m only gonna get better."

Doesn't sound too nefarious. But comment below on whether or not you're cool with this.