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Washington Redskins To Use Solar Energy To Help Power FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins have announced a partnership with NRG Energy that will bring three new solar panels to the FedEx Field parking lot. The panels will produce two megawatts of energy between them, an estimated 15 percent of the Redskins' energy needs.

The panels will also cover approximately 850 parking spots in the A1 parking lot, providing covered spaces for some of the 'Skins' high-paying customers.

Washington is only the third NFL franchise to begin using renewable energy sources to help power their stadium. The Philadelphia Eagles use wind turbines at Lincoln Financial Field, and the Seattle Seahawks have begun installing some solar panels for Qwest Field, as well.

Here's what one solar power researcher had to say about the 'Skins' new energy endeavor, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post:

"[Building solar panels at FedEx Field] is the equivalent of other iconic type buildings nationally or regionally — governors’ mansions or the White House, Congress or state legislature buildings, military base, influential company headquarters, Google or IBM."