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NFL Free Agency: Mike Shanahan Believes John Beck Can Be Starter, According To Report

As the days of the NFL lockout have gone on, there's been more and more noise about how John Beck could really be the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback next season. That noise will undoubtedly continue after this nugget from this story by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network. La Canfora talks to a source who suggests the noise is legitimate.

"He is set on Beck," said a source familiar with Shanahan's thinking. "That's his guy. He isn't just saying it for the media or to blow smoke. He's serious as hell about it."

The Redskins will still likely re-sign free agent Rex Grossman, La Canfora reports, but there are indications it'll be in a backup role. Obviously, the Donovan McNabb situation still looms over the team's head. La Canfora reports that the Redskins will likely release him once they find their trade options are limited.

With trade options for McNabb limited, team sources expect Shanahan ultimately to release him. The Minnesota Vikings would be among the teams interested in the quarterback, league sources have said.

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