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Party Decks At Fed Ex Field Aren't Definite, Redskins May Have Over Packed Stadium

About a month ago the Washington Redskins announced that they would be removing some seats behind both end zones to create an open party deck for fans who couldn't purchase a regular seat. Well they've cleared the space for those decks, but according to Fed Ex Field VP of Operations Lon Rosenberg, the party decks might not immediately follow, via Dan Steinberg.

“We are not putting in party decks at this time. We’ve just removed the seats, removed the cement underneath them and have opened up the ends of the upper deck.”

Now earlier in that interview, Rosenberg provides an interesting reason as to why the seats were removed in the first place. He explains that it will help reduce the congestion in the parking lots and the bathrooms and concession lines, seemingly admitting that the capacity of Fed Ex Field was just too high for it to function correctly. When pressed on the issue however, he backed off a little bit.

He was also asked if the team had offered those seats to the some 200,000 people on the season ticket waiting list before they were removed. He said that they had, but did not get into detail about how many of those 200,000 were contacted.