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Santana Moss Hosting Party At Miami Strip Club



As long as we're going to give Andray Blatche grief for hosting something called "Lapdance Tuesday" at a Miami strip club, we have to also give Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss grief for doing something similar. This is a flyer for something called an "NFL Summer Grove Players' Party" at King of Diamonds in Miami, a place that identifies itself as the "number one urban gentlemen club in the world." It's taking place this Sunday, which is right around the time Moss is expected to become a free agent.


In other words, while teams are potentially looking to call Moss to see if he will sign with them, Moss will be hosting this party. Seems like the timing could be better, that's for sure. For his part, Moss has devoted his last three tweets to retweeting others promoting the event. What is it about D.C. athletes and Miami strip clubs?


(As discovered by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post).