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NFL Free Agency: Carlos Rogers Wants A Payday, Thinks Redskins Want Him

With NFL free agency likely coming soon once this NFL lockout is actually solved, Carlos Rogers has once again shifted into self-promotion mode. The Washington Redskins' free-agent cornerback did an interview with John Keim of the Washington Examiner, where he said "it's time to cash in."

"I stack up with the best of them," said Rogers, a Redskins first-round pick in 2005. "When people compare my stats to [top corner Nnamdi Asomugha's], we're right there together. He's just a little higher. They say I don't catch the ball, but who's catching the ball on me?"

Such statements are nothing new, but they're always amusing because Asomugha's stats are more than "just a little higher." Rogers also thinks the Redskins want to keep him.

"Just looking at the roster I would think they'll try and re-sign me," Rogers said. "Other than DeAngelo Hall, it's guys who haven't started or younger guys who haven't played."

This is true. Of course, this is also what free agency is for, especially if the Redskins actually do the stupid thing and sign Asomugha. Stranger things have happened, but this still feels like wishful thinking on Rogers' part.