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NFL Lockout: NFL Owners Approve CBA Players Haven't Seen, According To Report

It's looking more and more like the NFL owners may have conducted a power play to pressure the players to sign a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and end the NFL lockout. As of 9 p.m., the owners have not even sent the new proposal to the players, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen on TV.

The owners approved a new CBA at around 7 p.m., doing so unanimously. The player representatives received an email from NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith suggesting they would not accept the new deal. The email stated the owners put in certain things that the players had not agreed to. The players have the summary, but not the full proposal.

Also, ESPN's Adam Schefter stated that the owners may have violated labor laws in trying to impose a deadline before which the players would have to re-certify. Clearly, this is taking a while to actually go down.

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