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Ross Tucker Spills Some Dirt On Former Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier

Former Washington Redskins offensive lineman Ross Tucker joined "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan, presumably to talk about the status of the NFL lockout after a weird Thursday. Instead, he decided to begin by dishing on why former Redskins coach Steve Spurrier was a horrible coach.

These stories are really good.

First, it started in training camp in his first year, when Spurrier basically said that nothing the team did there mattered.

"Spurrier comes in, and we go to Dickinson for training camp. His opening meeting was, 'You know man, I played 12 years in the NFL, I went through 12 training camps," Tucker said. "I can't remember one darn good thing I got out of it. But Mr. Snyder wants us to be here, so we're going to get something done.'"

How inspiring! The Redskins actually destroyed teams in preseason that year, but soon Tucker realized why.

"What was weird was, I started every preseason game in 02, and we were killing people. I was like, 'Wow, we're awesome. I'm awesome. Life is awesome. This is pretty awesome,'" Tucker said. "And then I realized, 'Wait a minute, we only have two pass protections, and the Steelers are laughing at us because they know what our protection is. Shane Matthews and Danny [Wuerffel] are getting blown up, our poor running back is too. There were no hot reads, no side-adjusts. I'm actually shocked that he does decently well in college. He was by far the worst coach I ever had."

Tucker said the only reason the Redskins won games is they had an incredibly talented defense with Daryl Gardener, LaVar Arrington, Jeremiah Trotter, Jessie Armstead and Champ Bailey. The offense, though, was horrible.

"There were no hot reads, there were no side adjusts. His whole philosophy was to change the play at the line of scrimmage. Well, in the NFL, when it looks like the guy from the right is coming, he's not the guy coming. It's all disguised," Tucker said. "He would literally be on the sidelines screaming out to Patrick [Ramsey] to change the play, and Patrick would change the play. The defense would shift, and Spurrier was like, 'NO NO NO. NOT THAT ONE.' There would either be a timeout or delay of game. It was honestly hilarious."

The whole interview is absolutely worth a listen. Click here for it.