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NFL Lockout: Players Release Statement, May Not Vote Friday

The NFL Owners tried to pull a fast one on the players on Thursday by agreeing to a new version of the CBA that the NFLPA had never seen. They were probably hoping that the players didn't want to seem like they were unwilling to budge, and be forced into signing a CBA they didn't totally agree with. It looks like that isn't going to happen. A day after everyone was so sure the Lockout would end, the players likely won't be voting on the revised proposal. Here is an excerpt from a statement from NFLPA President Kevin Mawae.

"Player leadership is discussing the most recent written proposal with the NFL, which includes a settlement agreement, deal terms and the right process for addressing recertification. There will not be any further NFLPA statements today out of respect for the Kraft family while they mourn the loss of Myra Kraft."

So now the Lockout is likely to drag into the weekend, which might mean that more preseason games are going to be in trouble of getting canceled. But, there is always the chance that things could change and the Lockout could end before expected. Fingers crossed.