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Chris Cooley Is Tired Of Talking About Donovan McNabb, Not Albert Haynesworth

Chris Cooley stopped by the 106.7 The Fan studio on Friday to hang out with "The Mike Wise Show" and "The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes." In his appearance on the latter show, Dukes, who is friendly with Cooley, asked whether he was most tired of talking about Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth or the NFL lockout. Cooley's response was immediate.

"Donovan," he responded. "Because I love the guy and I hate talking about the situation, and because it's impossible to say anything without coming off as negative towards [the organization]."

"I love the guy and don't want to say anything negative," he continued. "It just didn't work out. That's all I ever really want to say, so that's been the hardest to talk about."

Cooley then explained why he chose McNabb over Haynesworth, who has dominated more headlines in his Redskins career.

"The Albert thing is almost so far away from me that -- obviously, it's something we have to deal with -- but it really wasn't the distraction that everybody made it out to me, at least not to me. If he steps up and plays ball the past couple years, it helps us a ton, but the situation, it's more of a front-office deal that the players didn't have to deal with much."

He was then asked about the "Albert Haynesworth Is A Distraction" meme, and he shot it down.

"Not in the locker room. What it does is put us at a disadvantage to win football games. You're losing a spot, and it's actually someone that can really, really help you. So it puts us at a disadvantage if he's not playing with you. I feel like something will be done over the next free agency period, whatever that is, with Albert. I feel like they will address that situation."

Finally, he closed his thought in typical Cooley fashion.

"I don't walk by him in the shower and scowl at him. I can still talk to him. He's still a dude."

To listen to the whole segment, click here.