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NFL Lockout All But Over, Players Expected To Approve Deal, According To Report

It looks like the NFL lockout is finally all but over. After arguing for months over a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and continuing that argument over the weekend, it looks like the players and owners have finally come to a deal. Mike Freeman of CBS Sports reports the players have agreed on the terms of the new CBA and are going to vote in its favor shortly. 

We've been fooled before, of course, but this seems legitimate. Progress was being made throughout the weekend after the players declined to vote on Thursday, and it looks like we're here now. 

Under this current timeline, if the players vote Monday, training camp would begin Friday and free agency would begin on Saturday. The facilities would re-open Wednesday, and the first preseason game would be on August 11. This, of course, all assumes the timeline remains the same as before.

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