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Washington Redskins Training Camp Schedule: Players Can Report Wednesday, According To Report

Washington Redskins training camp will hold its first real practice on Thursday, July 28, but players will be allowed to report to the facilities one day earlier on Wednesday, according to a report by Mike Jones of the Washington Post. Wednesday will be the official check-in day, Jones reports, and pads-free practices will begin Thursday.

A previous report suggested NFL training camps would begin 15 days before each teams' first preseason game. Since the Redskins' first preseason game is on August 12, it would follow that their training camp would begin on Thursday. According to Jones' modified schedule, the Redskins would report to camp on Wednesday, go through pads-free practices on Thursday and Friday and hold their first practice with pads on Saturday.

It's still unclear when NFL free agency will begin, but regardless, teams will begin training camp with incomplete rosters that will become complete over the free agency period.

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