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Washington Redskins Training Camp Schedule: Camp Won't Begin Before Friday, According To Report

Just when it looked like we could circle the start date of the Washington Redskins' training camp, it looks like we can't. While previous reports suggested it would begin Thursday with players reporting Wednesday, new information indicates it will not begin before Friday. Via NFL Network's Matt Pomeroy:

Based on new info, now looks like the earliest Training Camps will be allowed to open is Friday, July 29.

It's still not clear why training camp openings would be pushed back until Friday, but that's the latest as of right now. Of course, this is subject to change, since everything about this arrangement is subject to change.

Several different timelines have emerged for the start of training camps. Saturday was a day suggested over the weekend, but was refuted on Monday. Now, it looks like it may be Saturday after all, or maybe it's another day. We'll keep you posted with the latest information.

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