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Undrafted Free Agents Can Be Signed Monday Night, According To Report

The undrafted free agent signing period has apparently already begun, despite provisions in the new collective bargaining agreement mandating that it begin on Tuesday. ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that teams have already begun negotiating with undrafted free agents on Monday night. Via Adam Schefter.

John Clayton reports that NFL teams were granted the right to sign undrafted players Monday night. So dealings are underway.

This comes as a definite surprise, because the new CBA suggested this process would begin Tuesday along with all other rookies. Instead, it has evidently been accelerated.

It remains unclear whether the Washington Redskins will sign many undrafted free agents. One of the problems working against them in this regard is that they selected so many players in the 2011 NFL Draft. With 12 drafted rookies coming in, there aren't many spots left for undrafted free agents.

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