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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Kyle Orton On Trading Block, Could Affect Donovan McNabb Situation

NFL free agency rumors are underway, and one of the first involves Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton. Mike Kils of the Denver Post is reporting that Orton will be placed on the trading block so the team can clear room for Tim Tebow.

To begin the business of Day One of the NFL's 2011 season, the Broncos will place quarterback Kyle Orton on the trading block.


Teams that don't have a proven starting quarterback and therefore need one include Minnesota, Tennessee and Arizona. Seattle, Washington, Cincinnati and Miami also could be possibilities.

Whether the Redskins are in the running for Orton's services depends on whether they are willing to surrender a fairly large return to get him. But even if they are not, the Orton situation, as well as the situations of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, will have a major impact on the Redskins as they look to deal Donovan McNabb.

If Orton, Kolb and Palmer end up switching teams quickly, that leaves fewer places for McNabb to go. The teams to watch here are Minnesota and Arizona. Both desperately need a starting quarterback, and both are places where McNabb may make sense. If they decide to go for Orton or Kolb instead, that is bad news for the Redskins.

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